Lunch Box Service

Don’t Worry About Your Lunch!

Our Chefs will cook delicious yummy lunch for you every day

Real Food with Natural Ingredients


Hot, Healthy, Hygenic  !!!


Kulfi Cafe Monthly Fresh Lunch Box Subscription Service is 5 meals per week plan with Free Delivery Service in Palmerston.


In the fast-paced life of the city, we are often pressed for time and consequently resort to skipping meals or eating a calorie loaded junk food which is detrimental to us. Kulfi Cafe delivers the freshest food for you to savour your lunchtime with tasty meals that are just like home food and are devoid of colors, preservatives, additives or volume enhancers. Kulfi Cafe prides itself on facilitating a sustainable lifestyle through healthy & nutritious food, as against those that are gimmicky, short-sighted & unhealthy.

All our products contain pulses and lentils, which are the edible seeds of legumes and a healthy source of sustainable plant-based proteins. We cook our stews by hand.



Kindly Download the form provided below & fill it as per your choice. Submit this form at Kulfi Cafe – 212 Main Street West, Palmerston.

Subscription Form


*** KINDLY NOTE *** – Free delivery will be provided to TG Minto, Retirement Home, MSW, Township & Schools and to any other corporate or individual clients with a minimum order of $ 40.






If you have any allergies or intolerance please talk to your staff before ordering.

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